Our Aloha Collection contains three modern sleek options to fragrance your home with the gorgeous aroma of Maui Sunset.


Palm Leaf Travel Tin

 A beautifully printed tin which makes for a perfect storage tin after use.

Candle Jar 

The black glass is opaque to the naked eye.  When candle is lit inside jar, the vessel is slightly transparent, so you can enjoy the ambience of the flame. Perfect to reuse in the bathroom or home office.

Reed Diffuser 

These elegant bottles can also be used to display petite flower arrangements, bathroom and office storage jars.


  • Maui Sunset a gorgeous Hawaiian coastline with perfect orange and pink sunsets, fruit cocktails and someone special. A complex blend of citrus fruits gives this citrus fragrance a modern and romantic twist. Citrus Top notes of yuzu, orange zest, lemon, bergamot, lime and mandarin. Mid notes of pomelo, mango, dragonfruit, coconut water and pomegranate with Dry notes of saffron lace, citrus musk and tonka

Aloha Collection