Frequently asked questions

Are you products Vegan Friendly?

Yes. A plant based product with 100% cotton wicks. Absolutely no animal products.

What do I do if I am getting black smoke or residue?

This can be caused from not trimming your wick prior to burning. You must trim your wick to 5mm prior to burning. You can also have black residue build up on the rim of the vessel if you burn the candle too long (power burning). If you have any black residue, just wipe with damp soft cloth once the candle has cooled.

Can I get refills for my diffusers or candle jars?

No. We do not sell refills for diffusers as the containers & used reeds will not perform to their best ability. Re-using of candle jars are at risk of breakages. We recommend recyling of jars to your recycle bin or they make pretty container jars for flowers, make-up etc.

Do I need to flip the reeds in my diffuser?

Yes. For the best performance and scent throw, we recommend to flip approximately every 2 weeks. Be careful not spill any liquid, wipe up immediately if any spillage ocurrs.